Many times as I review situations I have been involved in or a colleague has been in, the problem is always about the anxiety of one department telling another what to do and who has more authority or say in the matter.  What I find to be helpful, is that when one department is going to do work in another department, the manager should be speaking with the other manager first.  This way the managers can discuss exactly what is happening and when, so that if there is a bad time and they are able to work around the job that needs to be done, it can be resolved before the workers come out.  Many times things are approached from one manager to another with anxiety because a situation has occurred (Miller et al., 2008).  There are issues with authority over which department has more control of a situation.  As I always say, one department is always a guest in another department’s meeting or space, if this respected, then the relationship can be a smooth one whenever work needs to be done.


Miller, K. L., Reeves, S., Zwarenstein, M., Beales, J. D., Kenaszchuk, C., & Conn, L. G. (2008, June 2). Nursing Emotion Work and Interprofessional Collaboration in General Internal Medicine Words: A Qualitative Study. Jan Original Research, 333-343.


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