A true leader  places their staff before themselves and will work the job that their staff does so that they are familiar with it.  When I first moved to Florida, my first boss here was named Patty and she said to me when I started that she is the supervisor but she said to me that she will do the same job that I do.  She taught me that being a good manager means knowing what your staff’s job is and how to do it.  The reason being is because if you have someone who is out sick and there is not coverage, you will be able to jump in and help.  When thinking about Patty, she was a great leader because she encouraged me in the decision making process (Baer, 2012).


As a nurse  I admire her because she followed Kouzes and Posner’s leadership model.  This model focuses on setting a vision, being a role model and enabling people to grow.


This is similar to John Kotter’s process for leading change in this day and age.




Baer, J. (2012). Theories of leadership. Leadership in health care (2nd ed., pp. 45-69). [Vital Source Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://campus.capella.edu/web/library/home

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