When a nurse leads by example and is not afraid to do the work that the  staff does, it makes for a strong leader. The people who follow that leader will know that although the nurse is in a position of higher authority, the nurse will still be humble enough to do the job the staff does and be able to explain it from their side and understand the position that they are in.  Knowing the staff’s job by example, allows the manager to know the timeliness of things that need to be accomplished and the ability of each worker’s caseload and what they can manage. A good leader will follow the  seven attributes to being a good leader vision, courage, integrity, humility, strategic planning, focus and cooperation (Baer, 2012).



Baer, J. (2012). Theories of leadership. In Leadership in health care (2nd ed., pp. 45-69). [Vital Source Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://campus.capella.edu/web/library/home

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