A question arose from the Article called ” Challenges That Parents of a Preemie Face”

Question from Reader:

Why do you think that some nurses even myself become complacent to what is happening in our work environments and that we do not always critically think outside of the medical treatments we provide?

Answer to Reader:

Thank you for reading the article “Challenges That Parents of Preemie Face.” In answer to your question, nurses and healthcare staff become complacent in their environments because it is a job and the passion is lost allowing the nurse to move through the motions.  We are all guilty in many professions, not just nursing, of treating people matter of fact and we forget it may be our hundredth experience, but it is their first experience, no matter what the experience is. When we approach any person, especially in our nursing experience, we have to approach them with kindness and passion. We as nurses cannot continue to eat our young and continue to treat our patients as if we need to move on to our next task. Our body language, tone of voice and facial expressions, give away our genuineness.  We are all busy, but we have to put that aside and go back to compassion and empathy, thinking about how we want to be treated in this situation if we were in it.  We have to utilize our critical thinking to see what level of care that parent needs to get through this situation at hand.

Hospital team

Written by Rosie Moore, RN, BSN, LNC


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